Workshop Guidelines

Mission Statement
    All members will be committed to the overall health and longevity of the group as a whole, and also to the growth and success of each individual writer. 


1.    It is understood that all works submitted are considered works in progress. While all submissions should be paginated and proofread (obviously), authors are encouraged to experiment and push their creative boundaries.

    2.    Each member’s submission for review should be no longer than 6,000 words. Submissions may consist of a single piece or multiple shorter works, provided that the total word count does not exceed 6,000 words. However, no rules are unbendable, and if a member gets approval from the group at large prior to submission, we can bend a little. 

    3.    Submissions should be submitted to the group as early as possible, but in no case any later than the Wednesday prior to the next meeting.

    4.    Submissions should be submitted via email to the group email address:

Workshop Conduct

    1.    The discussion of a member’s submission(s) will be approximately 30-45 minutes, although there is no set time limit.

    2.    Members are strongly encouraged to be bring snacks to the meetings where their work is scheduled to be discussed.

    3.    All members will provide written feedback directly to the author for all works submitted. (This may take any form – handwritten notes, typed comments, marked-up Word docs, etc.)

    4.    Prior to the discussion of each individual piece, the author may read a short excerpt of the work.

    5.    Prior to the discussion of each individual piece, the author may briefly explain the context of the work (for what type of audience it is intended, etc.) and may request the group to focus on a particular aspect of the work.

    6.    The author of the work(s) being discussed shall remain silent during the discussion. This is to avoid any dynamic of defensiveness or a dialogue with the author. The discussion will focus on the words on the page.

    7.    The discussion is intended to proceed organically.

    8.    Following the discussion of each individual piece, the author will have the opportunity to ask questions of the group.

    9.    In the interest of providing the most thorough and honest feedback, discussions should be open and honest, and criticism should be offered freely. Nonetheless, at all times, members must conduct themselves with the utmost decorum. Members should be conscious of not interrupting or talking over other members, and should always offer their comments respectfully. Name-calling will not be tolerated, unless appropriate and witty.

 Attendance Policy

    1.    If a member must miss a workshop, they are encouraged to provide their written feedback on the works discussed at the meeting as soon as possible, preferably by the time of the workshop missed.

    2.    If a member misses three or more workshops between their scheduled submission dates, they shall forfeit their next scheduled opportunity for submission, and will be rescheduled for a later date. This is to prevent a member from only showing up to the workshop at which his/her piece is being discussed.

    3.    All members ought to strive to arrive at the workshop in a punctual manner. This is to ensure all submissions are afforded their full 30-45 minutes of workshop time.


    1.    All rules are subject to change by fiat of the Group Elders.
    2.    If there any questions, see Miscellaneous Guideline No. 1.

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