Patrick McNeil

mcneil book selfie

Patrick has been a member of the Backyard Writers since 2011 and the organizer of the workshop since 2014. He is a writer of prose, a believer in community, and founder and director of the Writers Retreat in Tufo.

Here’s a list of his published works:

  • Psychotropic Ultimatums and John the Baptist, a memoir piece published in the Spring 2019 issue of Chatham University’s The Fourth River
  • Eyes on Me, a flash fiction piece published in Summer 2018 in Meluzina, an online anthology of work from alumni of the Prague Summer Program for Writers, which Patrick attended in 2014
  • House of Our Brothers, a chapbook published in the 2018 Shockwire Chapbook Series, from the Head and the Hand Press, available either via a traveling Philadelphian vending machine or online purchase, here
  • Saving Rosa di Tufo, an essay published in the Spring 2018 issue of Italian American Magazine, detailing the process behind the Tufo push
  • Sanctuary, a creative nonfiction story published in the Fall 2017 issue of Philadelphia Stories, deals with love and homelessness, and the idea of safe spaces
  • Benjamin Franklin Bridge Blue, a short story published in July 2016 in Eclectica Magazine and featured as that issue’s Spotlight Runner-Up, draws heavily from Patrick’s work in Philadelphia’s homeless shelters
  • You Champion, another chapbook published by the Head and the Hand, and featured in that headshot above
  • Color it Bluer, a creative nonfiction piece published in Apiary 5 in 2013
  • Divine Lorraine, a historical fiction piece published in WragsInk‘s 2012 Anthology Philly
  • Penn Treaty, a historical fiction piece published in Philos Adelphos Irrealis out of UPenn’s Kelly Writers House in 2012
  • Derek, Dead, a creative nonfiction piece published in the March 2010 issue of Word Riot
  • The Seahorse, a short story published in 2007 in Kalliope, Penn State University’s Literary Magazine

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