Patrick McNeil

mcneil book selfie

Patrick has been a member of the Backyard Writers since 2011 and its organizer since 2014. He works for the Homeless Advocacy Project in Philadelphia, believes in community, and founded and directs the Writers Retreat in Tufo, Italy. For the past few years he has been working on his first novel-length project, called Mansion.

Here’s a list of his published work:

  • Potato, flash memoir published in 2020 by Hippocampus Magazine;
  • You Champion, republished in by and selected as their feature story in March 2020. The story initially appeared in the first-ever batch of The Head and the Hand’s cool-as-hell Vending Machine Chapbook Collection;
  • Wish You Were Here, a short story published in the January 2020 issue of Cagibi, which story was workshopped three times in as many years before finally sticking the landing;
  • Fire Hazard, a short story published in the Spring 2019 issue of Cleaver Magazine;
  • Psychotropic Ultimatums and John the Baptist, a memoir piece published in the Spring 2019 issue of Chatham University’s The Fourth River;
  • Eyes on Me, a flash fiction piece published in Summer 2018 in Meluzina, an online anthology of work from alumni of the Prague Summer Program for Writers, which Patrick attended in 2014;
  • House of Our Brothers, a chapbook published in the 2018 Shockwire Chapbook Series, from the Head and the Hand Press, available either via a traveling Philadelphian vending machine or online purchase, here;
  • Saving Rosa di Tufo, an essay published in the Spring 2018 issue of Italian American Magazine, detailing the process behind the Tufo push;
  • Sanctuary, a creative nonfiction story published in the Fall 2017 issue of Philadelphia Stories, deals with love and homelessness, and the idea of safe spaces;
  • Benjamin Franklin Bridge Blue, a short story published in July 2016 in Eclectica Magazine and featured as that issue’s Spotlight Runner-Up, draws heavily from Patrick’s work in Philadelphia’s homeless shelters;
  • Color it Bluer, a creative nonfiction piece published in Apiary 5 in 2013;
  • Divine Lorraine, a historical fiction piece published in WragsInk‘s 2012 Anthology Philly;
  • Penn Treaty, a historical fiction piece published in Philos Adelphos Irrealis out of UPenn’s Kelly Writers House in 2012;
  • Derek, Dead, a creative nonfiction piece published in the March 2010 issue of Word Riot (RIP);
  • The Seahorse, a short story published in 2007 in Kalliope, Penn State University’s Literary Magazine.

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